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Terms & Condition:

Please read the terms and condition carefully before using


  • is an online retail market place in England providing the customers a one stop solution for all their online shopping needs. When you use the site you accept all these terms and conditions and you represent your agreement to abide by all these terms and condition (user agreement).
  • This agreement is primarily effective upon your usage of the site.
  • preserves all the right to modify add or remove any portion of this term and condition and any time without any prior notification. You are advised to check regularly the term and conditions.

Conditions of use:

In order to check all the privacy matters please review our privacy policy if you have objection to any of the information mentioned in the privacy policy, you are please advised to not use the website.

Your Login Account:
In order to use certain services, you need to create an account within our website. This requires you to provide your personal information. The company may at any time in its absolute discretion may invalidate the login account without giving any prior notice.

it shall not be responsible for any loses occurred/suffered in case of such action. You are advised to take the full responsibility maintain your confidential information. By using the website, you agree to maintain its securely In all times of need in order to prevent misuse of your account. In case you feel that your password has been stolen, you need to inform us immediately to prevent its unauthorized use.

Please kind make it sure that all of your provided details are correct and in case of changes in details, you are advised to inform us timely. If you are not able to perform the action by logging in to account, you are advised to use the channel of customer service department. reserves all the right to remove/terminate account, decline access to the website or make any amendment in any type of content at any frame of time without giving any prior notice.

You are also advised in this regard that in case of need, do change your password from time to time.

Sustainability of the Business:
We assure you that is created in order to provide you the utmost facilitation and in doing so we assure that our website will continue to work in a consistent manner and will provide you uninterrupted web services. However due to uncertain interruption in internet and website this cannot be guaranteed. In addition to this you may also face some down time issues due to repair/maintenance of server or at the time of induction of new services without any prior notice. however, being a responsible business in the society we will try our level best to keep the limit of such disruption at a very low frequency.

Right to access the site:
if you are accessing it is a confirmation by your side that according to law of the country you are entering into the law and you assure that you are at least 18 years old and you are performing the action under guidance of parent or guardian. Use of the website as an agent (on behalf of third contracting party) is strictly not allowed except by an approval form us in advance.

The content displayed on the website is entirely for the purpose of information any sort of expressions/permissions/opinions showed/expressed on the website are entirely form the individual who are posting such content and it may not reflect our opinion.

You are allowed a limited right to reach and personally use the website. The downloading or modifying the website from any person is strictly prohibited. is a registered entity so any part /portion of it cannot be duplicated, reproduced, sold, distributed for any type of commercial use, without any written consent of the company. Any framing technique regarding the logo/or proprietary information without the written consent of the company.

In case of any type of unauthorized use the company reserves the complete right to terminate the excess for the user with no prior notice. You are not allowed to use our logo for other type of classical information for your own personal purposes.

Use of the website in any way that is unfavorable for the society is strictly not allowed. Any type of activity that result in providing harm to the website/officers/stakeholders/representatives is strictly not allowed. The site can only be used for lawful purposes and is strictly prohibited to use for any fraudulent purpose/criminal or any unlawful activity.